Video #3 - David and Rory

Video #3 Published on Dec 7, 2016


David & Rory live with third roommate in a high-rise condominium unit that Community Havens owns. They moved there from institutional settings and now lease their unit with assistance from housing choice vouchers. Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority approved the use of their vouchers in “shared housing,” which is a special housing type in which a single unit is occupied by an assisted family and another resident or residents. The shared unit consists of both common space for use by the occupants of the unit and separate private space for each assisted family. Community Residences provides supportive services to each gentleman funded by the Medicaid Waiver.

This video was filmed in Summer 2016 as part of a six video series highlighting people with developmental disabilities living in integrated community settings. The series was done by The Arc of Northern Virginia in combination with videographer David Buerk and made possible with grant funding from the Virginia Housing Development Authority.